Pure Fix Tango ✔️  

Sax Blue Leader ‘Cure’ ✔️  

No faster way to cut through these cool autumn temps than with the aerofixcycles S7 ✔️  

Seafoam Leader 725 ✔️  

Clean MASI Coltello ✔️  

Mini Aero ✔️ 

BLB London Lo-pro ✔️ 

Clean design make the Sparse bike lights irresistible. 

Freqnt Flyr Kama ✔️  

Simply won’t find a more perfect combination of design & functionality than the Sparse fixed lighting system ✔️

Cyclethis Review

Sparse set the bar when it comes to lighting design. To this day their isn’t a cycle light design that is as streamline in design and as impressive when it comes to functionality. The fixed lighting system takes care of any theft concerns by crafting it in a way that you would have to disassemble the headset and seatpost to run off with. Of course if scumbag thieves want anything bad enough they can get it, but Sparse made it a pain in the ass to obtain. Functionality-wise, the lights are USB rechargeable with two different settings (flashing & solid). In short, the Sparse fixed lighting system is quick to catch the eye, both design-wise and brightness.   

Brand: Sparse

Model: Fixed Light System 

Cost: $140

Swift geometry & stiffness of the aerofixcycles S7 beg to be ridden on the track ✔️  

Stealth Track Pro ✔️  

Zephyr Track ✔️ 

Custom Unknown LV1 ✔️ 

Slick cinellibikes Vigorelli ✔️